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Have a question about our direct mail services?

What kind of turnaround time should I expect for my project?

Our average turnaround time is four to five days for 60,000 letters, from print to mail. Typically our turnaround is 1-2 days for a mailing, but often we can get your piece in the mail on the same day.  This feat is something many companies cannot accomplish in-house.  Our goal at Mail Haus is to complete your project efficiently and preciously to need your needs--with a dash of uniqueness and creativity to catch your customers' eye.

Can you create and manage a mail list for me?

Yes. We offer both list management and procurement, and have virtually any type of list at our fingertips.  At Mail Haus we make sure to take the extra, detailed steps to ensure our clients the best outcome possible.  Our staff at The Mail Haus will work with you to determine the best list possible for you and your company’s goals.  We will consider who you want your target audience to be.  A few things we will consider are the generation, age, sex, marital status, profession, residential area, etc. of the audience you want to target.  Still nervous that your audience’s contact information may not be correct or that something might go wrong?  Once we work with you to determine the best possible target audience, a data cleanse is conducted to make sure we won’t send anyone duplicates or pay for sending out mail that will not reach anyone at an incorrect address.

Our list management system makes it easy for us to upload your information and keep it clean.  The Mail Haus will take the time to find the best list possible for you, so you don’t have to take time to go through piles and piles of potential addresses for your target audience.  The time that you save with working with Mail Haus will allow you to have time to focus on more important things like fostering customer relationships.

Reference our "list management" page under services for more information.

Can you help me with direct mailer design?

Yes. Our team of experts would be delighted to assist you with the design of your piece. Call The Mail Haus and we will help ensure your mailing meets codes and effective automation rates. The automation rate requires that mail be bar coded according to the destination five-digit ZIP code , nine-digit ZIP code , or delivery point bar code and that it meet all size, weight, addressing, and readability requirements for the equipment. Automation discounts can be substantial, cutting postage by $0.05 to $0.10 per piece. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that one employee sorting by hand can sort about 800 pieces per hour as compared to 40,000 pieces per hour by an employee utilizing automated mail handling machines.

How much money can I save by going bulk rather than first class?

If your mailing can go bulk, you can save between $140 to $189 per 1000 pieces mailed, in postage alone.

Who should address my direct mail pieces?

If the mailing is less than 350 pieces, services offered by The Mail Haus will not be offset by postage savings, therefore you may want to choose to do labels yourself (keep in mind this does not take into consideration your time and the cost of labels). For quantities over 400 pieces, services through The Mail Haus may be less expensive than the postage savings of $.05 per letter, and speed up your delivery. We will make sure the professional quality your mailing contains will carry over into the address to create a cohesive feel.

How do I schedule a mailing?

Once you know you are going to have a mailing, call or email The Mail Haus for scheduling. We will meet your mailing dates. Send all scheduling requests to, or phone: 920-338-9198 or fax 920-338-9199.

What if I have questions about my mailing?

Call Gordon at The Mail Haus. We can also schedule an appointment to discuss how to improve your mail.
Gordon Runnoe – (920) 338-9198;

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